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Would you like to receive a message when we've put a new article online? That's possible also by RSS/Atom! Install an RSS or Atom reader (if you don't have one already) and let it automatically retrieve the latest news for you. This is the same information as shown in our "Timeline".

An RSS or Atom reader can retrieve multiple "feeds" so you can follow multiple blogs and/or news channels at the same time. Almost all blogs and news sites supply an RSS and/or Atom feed. (Many bloggers are unaware that their website/host already makes their blogs accessible via RSS and/or Atom.)

Below you will find our (English) feeds, in Atom and in RSS format. Both formats carry the same information, but Atom is recommended over RSS, as long as your reader supports the Atom format. Most readers accept a feed automatically when you click on the buttom in the column "Automatic" below, but in some readers you have to cut and paste our feed-URL manually. The buttons in the column "Check" can be used to check whether our feeds are working and adhere to the standards.

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