Union Island
Union Island - Take it easy (and take lots of ec's) > Blog > Caribbean > Union Island
After 17 days at sea, Frans calls out with infectious enthusiasm: "Land in sight! Look!" Union island is a fantastic island to arrive on, so relaxed, so beautiful, so Caribbean-style "Take it eeeeaaaasy man".
Tobago Cays
Tobago Cays - Paradise in the Caribbean > Blog > Caribbean > Tobago Cays
Coral reefs, palm trees, white beaches, coconuts, warm sea water, sea turtles, stingrays, iguanas, beach barbecues, how can you better sum it up?
Bequia - Christmas in the Caribbean > Blog > Caribbean > Bequia
Technical problems, a lost dinghy, Christmas, old and new friends.
St. Lucia and Martinique
St. Lucia and Martinique - Not splashing into the new year > Blog > Caribbean > St. Lucia and Martinique
I am writing this story while we sail from Martinique. Martinique, where we have been for 12 days. Wait 12 days, arrange, find out. 12 days in the humid heat, mostly windless without being able to swim or do other fun things, 12 days in a busy harbor. 12 days of deliberation. Spending a lot of money for 12 days. In the end, it will take about a month before this story is online, mainly because we find it an uninteresting nagging story that reminds us of a less pleasant period. You might as well skip this story, the sequel is much more fun!
Dominica - A beautiful fertile edible oasis > Blog > Caribbean > Dominica
Dominica. Green. Opulence. Edible. Pristine, pure, healthy. Beautiful. Rivers, waterfalls. Poor in money and rich in nature. But also: cozy parties, nice people, a lot of atmosphere and a lot of weed.
St Martin
St Martin - Las Vegas of the Caribbean > Blog > Caribbean > St Martin
Sint Maarten is a part of the Netherlands, we have always been taught that at school. We expected to come back a little "home", but nothing could be further from the truth! Sint Maarten has hardly anything to do with the Netherlands: the official language is American, the currency used is the American dollar, the cars are American, and the entire street scene also feels very American.
Saba - Dutch pearl in the Caribbean > Blog > Caribbean > Saba
Saba ??? Never heard of it! At least we didn't know it, but Saba really is a Dutch island! A volcano peak rising from the ocean. It is the highest point in the Netherlands and here is really the famous Dutch tropical rainforest. Saba is beautiful and unique!
Bonaire - Dutch diving paradise > Blog > Caribbean > Bonaire
We really have to go to Panama Canal now. But we make a long detour and pass Bonaire, which is too good to pass up. Until now we have mainly snorkelled, but Bonaire is really a diving paradise, they say, we are curious if this is the case and what the island is like further.
San Blas or Kuna Yala
San Blas or Kuna Yala - the land of the Kuna Indians > Blog > Caribbean > San Blas or Kuna Yala
Besides enjoying the incredibly beautiful uninhabited islands, we also enjoy the completely different culture here, we look out our eyes, spend an evening in a Kuna village and even eat at a Kuna family at home. And we also meet some very nice sailors ... Just under two weeks of Kuna Yala leaves an indelible impression on us!
Panama Canal
Panama Canal - from the Caribbean to the Pacific > Blog > Caribbean > Panama Canal
This time, Omweg did not opt for a detour, the detour around the South American continent, but for the shortest route to the Pacific. Six locks, each three hundred meters long, a canal, a lake and a river, connect the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific. Built more than a hundred years ago, a height difference of 27 meters, also known as one of the seven 'manmade' wonders of the world.
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