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Many cruisers consider watermakers a necessary evil. It is a luxury to have fresh water all the time without having to fill up jerrycans from questionable sources a couple of times per week. But it comes with a prize: energy demands, noise and maintenance. We selected a watermaker with low energy demands and after two years of cruising we have optimized our setup and reduced and simplified the required maintenance. You don't have to reinvent the wheel: read our tips and tricks.
Coconuts - practical tips how to make your own coconut cream and much more > Articles > Coconuts
Here I share some ideas what to do with coconuts. Like how do you make your own coconutmilk, coconutcream, whipped cream from coconuts, etcetera
Maxair/Coltri divecompressor mods
Maxair/Coltri divecompressor mods - Tips and Tricks > Articles > Maxair/Coltri divecompressor mods
If you want to use a Maxair or Coltri dive compressor on your boat, you might find some handy information in this article, like how to create reusable cartridges and how to modify the dive compressor so it can be used from within the engine room.
Lithium on yachts
Lithium on yachts - Add Lithium power to your ship > Articles > Lithium on yachts
This is the introduction page of a series of articles about Lithium Hybrid systems.
Protection against corrosion
Protection against corrosion - Some less well known secrets > Articles > Protection against corrosion