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Play with the map overlays, you can see weather information (wind, temperature, precipitation, wave-height, etc). And if you zoom in enough, you can see all other ships with AIS!


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AIS data courtesy of www.MarineTraffic.com

photoPictureWe took a picture here
articleArticleWe wrote an article on/about this spot
anchorAnchoredPlace where we have anchored

You can follow us on the world map. This is fun since all the updates we send with email (via SSB) from the boat, will appear as an icon on the world map. This way, you can see exactly where we are and you can read the blog directly on the map. And there's more, the map has multiple layers, play with it and find out the possibilities (you can check the weather, wind, waves, temperature, etc, not only for the current moment, but also the predictions!) And what's also very nice: zoom in and see other ships on the map; all other ships with AIS that are in range of a station, are being shown on this map!

Other tracking services

There are multiple ship tracking websites. We are also (probably) visible on: